Kidney &

Hypertension Specialist

Providing comprehensive kidney ​disease and hypertension management in Houston

Medical Practice by Experts in Houston, Texas

Medical Practice by Experts in Houston, Texas

Global Nephrology & Hypertension Clinic, PLLC, is a medical practice specializing in internal medicine, kidney diseases, hypertension, and dialysis. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of service to our patients.


We have been serving patients in the Houston area since 2007. We see patients as outpatient in our office and in the inpatient setting in the different hospitals in our area. Our practice is located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center.

Why Choose Us For Your Ailments With Kidney & Hypertension

We are a team of skilled and experienced doctor and staff. We treat you with the utmost care. We provide enough time for each patient, depending on their conditions. Whether you are suffering from kidney disease or high blood pressure, our dedicated doctors can help you overcome them. The best part is our team also arranges a face-to-face appointment with the physician before you get started with the services needed.

We are committed to providing you the solution with state-of-the-art methods of management and prevention.

We Aim for Disease Prevention

With our quality services and excellent customer care, we have gained the trust of patients, hospitals, and colleagues. We aim to provide special care and prevention of every type of kidney disease or hypertension health problems.

A close up of two kidney shaped structures


At Global Nephrology & Hypertension Clinic, PLLC, our team of experts strive to provide ​dependable and comprehensive kidney ​disease and hypertension management.